Card Of The Day - Moonology - 6th August 2020

Look at the image below and select the card you feel most drawn to to reveal your card reading for the day.

The cards used today are Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland - available to buy here

Once you have picked your card - you can now read the meanings below...


1. 'Don't let pride get in your way'

Full Moon in Leo

Do you let your pride take over and get in the way? The energy of Leo is magnificent and is all about the heart. This card may have reached out to you as you are currently in an unresolved situation - now is the time to find the balance and resolve this. Release your pride.

2. 'Nothing is yet set in stone'

Mutable Moon

This card is all about change but nothing is concrete yet. There may be a change on the horizon or if you are currently moving into a new situation know that it is not yet finished - a great opportunity to influence the outcome! Think about the resolution you would most like and visualise this.

3. 'Emotions are running high!'


This card is great for if you have been looking for the answer to a question recently. It is full of positivity and if the question is regarding your level of success with something, then the answer is likely to be very. Emotion comes hand in hand with this opportunity but take it in your stride and reap the joy of your success.


We hope you enjoyed your reading.

If you want to learn how to read oracle cards for yourself we have written a mini guide which you can read here 

The card deck used for this reading can be found here

The Moonstone crystals used in the imagery can be found here

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