Sally Morgan at the Hazlitt Theatre Maidstone

Departure time: 18:35 20th October

The time came, it was time to dress up as we were going "out, out". We had been looking forward for ages to see Sally Morgan, one of the UK's leading Psychic's who is currently creating an upsurge by re-inventing herself as a Social Media icon.

We travelled into Maidstone from The Psychic Tree HQ, to the Hazlitt theatre, which opened in 1955. It was named after William Hazlitt, the famous essayist, who was born in Maidstone in 1778. For all of our female followers out there, worth noting have a wee beforehand as there are only 4 cubicles.... a few short for a theatre with a capacity of 382!!

In the foyer was a selection of books including "My Psychic Life" and "Life After Death",  Angels & Cherubs and a selection of DVD's all at very competitive prices. We had managed to secure some great seats in the balcony, so as showtime rolled round, we took our drinks and settled in for what promised to be a great occasion.

Sally Morgan Brochure


Sally Morgan Brochure

After a brief video, giving us some insight into Sally's amazing life as a 67 year old travelling psychic (literally extraordinary - 9 yrs on the road, roughly 165 shows a year), the lights went down and on came Sally.

For those not familiar with the format of these shows, Sally would identify a spirit message, she would then ask the audience if it means anything, normally an audience member would raise their hand, a microphone would be passed to them and then the 2 way communication begins.

I won't list all of the messages that Sally received here, but in my opinion she was quite accurate at times, more towards the beginning and the end of the sessions. One particularly quite harrowing tale, was the story of a young teenage boy called Callum who had made contact, who had broken into a garage and taken his own life through fear of being told that he was going to be sent to prison. Unfortunately, despite significant detail being communicated, nobody was able to identify with this poor soul and his message went unanswered.

The messages were broken up by "Love Letters" and "Photo" sessions, where Sally pulled a photo or a letter from a glass box which were submitted by audience members pre-show, and a reading was performed. Sally then takes these home, incinerates them and scatters the ashes on her memorial rose garden. If you are going to see a show, make sure you bring a photo of a loved one who you want to communicate with.

Not all of the messages were as detailed, however they ranged from car crash fatalities to children who had passed over. The show lasted nearly 2 hours, with a 15 minute interval in between. Ticket prices were £25 for the balcony seats, so all in all a good evening out, with a great chance of getting a message from the dearly departed.

More information for tour tickets can be found here and you can visit Sally Morgan's facebook page here.


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