Crystal Placement Guide

People often ask us where is the best place to keep my crystals?  So as much as we would like to provide an explanation for every crystal – you would probably get bored.  Instead we have drawn up a quick reference guide so you can know the basics of the most popular crystals. 

Rose Quartz (Love) – place in the heart of your home (central point) to attract love, additionally it is good to have several crystal placed around the bedroom.  For children place under their pillow to help them sleep

Rose Quartz

Citrine (Abundance and Wealth) – place in your cash drawer or safe to attract financial success. Or carry in your pocket next to your wallet to save the pennies!

Clear Quartz (Master Healer/Purifier) – wherever you like! This crystal is adaptable.  It will need to be cleansed regularly, but once cleansed and you have placed your intent in the crystal then position the crystal accordingly to help purify and increase natural light.

Green Aventurine (Opportunity) – place either in a child’s bedroom or a place of study to enhance growth and prosperity.  Wear via jewellery or carry this crystal on you for luck and abundance.

Lapis Lazuli (Success) – place close to your bed or, in the top left side of a room (from the doorway) to help attract wealth and success in to your life.

Hematite (Grounding) – place by the doorway in your house to provide protection.  You can also keep this one in your socks (so long as it’s not too uncomfortable) to help you feel closer to earths energy

Black Tourmaline (Protection) – place on your desk at work, or in your pocket to deflect negative energy from others.  Additionally two pieces either side of an entrance door can help keep negative energy out.

Black Tourmaline

Moonstone (Emotional Balance) – best worn in jewellery such as pendants to keep your emotions balanced.  If you keep in a room, place in the right corner furthest from the door to attract stability in relationships.

Gold Tigers Eye (Courage) – place on the windowsill for protection, or on your desk at work to bring clarity and strength to tricky situations

Selenite (Cleanser) – wands can be used to cleanse your chakras simply by running the wand over your body.  Place in corners or rooms to keep energy’s clear, or on top of other crystals to cleanse them

Carnelian (Energy Booster) – place a gem tree in the left corner furthest away from an entrance door at home to attract wealth.  For energy wear chip bracelets and carry tumblestones to give an added boost and energy balance throughout the day


Erika Nagy

Dear Laura,

Thank you very much these informations!
I’ve got many other stones, which I would like to find place in my home. Could you help me please? I’ve got Garnet, Blue Agate, Sunstone, Snowflake Obsidian, Aventurine(light brown colour), Fluorite, Sardonix, Andalusite, Green Onix.
Thank you very much!


Lucia Migliorini

I have enjoyed this very much and I will keep it as a reference.
I feel like I would need one of each of all these crystals, judging by what each can do. Would I stop them from working if I had them all together?
Thank you

Jarvis McCluskey

I am in the U.K. @moment. I have lived in Canada. I loved it although some very unhappy bits happpened and seem to be taking precedence in my recent thoughts & actions. Would one or several crystals be of help? Any suggestions? Regards JarvisMcCluskey

Richard Wenman

Thanks Laura, very useful information!
Keep going and add more please :-)

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