Crystals For Protection

We are quite often asked about using crystals for protection, whether it's from negative energies, electromagnetic frequencies or from other outside influences, so this article will take you through some of our favourite crystals that are great at repelling negative energies, and ensuring you feel protected at all times

Protective crystals link mainly to the Root Chakra, which when blocked, creates a sense of fear and can create a feeling of disruption in life. Protective crystals work to balance the Root Chakra, providing an inner sense of security as well as creating a protective field around the user

All Round Protection

Image: Rough Black Tourmaline & Polished Black Tourmaline

 A great all round protective crystal is Black Tourmaline and is known as "The Stone Of Protection". A spiritually grounding stone, it brings a huge amount of psychic protection and is a repellent of negative energy, dispersing that energy and bringing a feeling of optimism, luck and happiness to anyone protected by this amazing healing crystal. Just holding this crystal can bring a sense of positiivity to the user.  Tourmaline is an excellent crystal to use to protect areas of your home (door thresholds & entry and exits) and can also be used near electronic equipment to ensure that any electro magnetic frequencies are dispersed. Tourmaline cannot absorb negative energies, however that's not to say that it doesn't need cleansing, so pairing this with selenite or a cleansing bowl is a great way to ensure that you constantly get the protective benefits of the crystal

Spiritual & Psychic Protection



Image: Fire Agate Polished Tumblestone

When opening up to communicating with spirits, it is important that you use protection to ensure, that whilst uncommon, any unwanted nasties are prevented from influencing you.If you are are adept at communicating with spiritual plains, a way to reduce any associated risks is to ensure that Fire Agate is with you at all times. Fire Agate has a uniquely defensive quality and is said to create a powerful shield around the body, protecting the user by sending the negativity energy back to where it came from  

Emotional Protection 

Image: Hematite Polished Tumblestone

Quite often through our daily lives, we pick up on other peoples emotions. If you have ever been nearby an angry or distressed person, you may have experienced similar feelings later in the day for no apparent reason. The same can go for happy emotions - the phrase "smile and the world smiles with you" is a classic example of emotional transfer. Hematite is a great crystal to protect against negative emotional transference, and as the crystal when polished takes on a reflective appearance, this stone acts as a mirror ensuring that you don't take on the unwanted energies and vibrations.

EMF Protection

Image: Polished Shungite & Rough Shungite

Electromagnetic frequencies are generated from any electronic devices, from PC's and laptops, to mobile phones and televisions. Shungite is an amazing stone to protect the user against these frequencies as it is believed to have the ability to absorb and neutralise the frequencies, thus nullifying the effects. This is due to Shungite containing "Fullerenes", which are hollow, pure carbon molecules which scientists believe give Shungite it's unique ability to block the frequencies

Travelling Protection

Image: Polished Malachite

A great crystal to have when doing any sort of travelling, whether its by land, sea or air is Malachite. Malachite healing crystals are said to provide the user or wearer protection from accidents and absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and directs them away from the body

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I was given a Malachite Crystal..and I swear by it.. Protection on point!❣️

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