The Celebrity Crystal Craze

So we all know that healing crystals are getting increasingly popular with celebs but I wanted to collate all this information and determine just how many celebs are now aboard the crystal grid (so to speak)

So here is a list of my findings…

1. The Beckhams – probably the most commonly known celeb that uses crystals, and more recently crystals feature in some of VB’s latest fashion jewellery

2. Kate Hudson – this lady has carried her favourite crystal with her since it was gifted to her by her mum

3. Gwenth Paltrow – she turned her passion in to a business which made the headlines for all sorts of reasons!

4. Robert Downey Jr – he has been spotted wearing lapis lazuli and gold tigers eye necklace whilst on holiday. A great idea Robert – bring on the calmness and tranquility! 

5. The Kardashians – after Kim’s horrendous ordeal in Paris (read about that here, she used healing crystals to help her get over the ordeal.  She since then has launched her own fragrance inspired by her love of crystals.

6. Princess Diana – so we all know that Sally Morgan was a great friend to the late Princess Diana but she also loved crystals.

7. Kate Middleton – and more recently Kate has also followed trend by being gifted crystal jewellery as her push present after the birth of their children. A citrine ring, green amethyst and diamond earrings, and an eternity band. Excellent gifts Wills!

8. Madonna – a spiritualist at heart she recommended her personal crystal healer to Katy Perry!

9. The Olsen Twins – reportedly gave crystals out in goodie bags in their latest New York Fashion Show

10. Adele – who uses them to calm her nerves

11. Miranda Kerr

12. Shirley Maclaine

13. Oprah Winfrey

14. Katy Perry

15. Naomi Campbell

16. Bella Hadid

17. Goldie Hawn

18. Spencer Pratt

19. Cara Delevingne

20. Alexa Chung

21. Angelina Jolie

Quite a few and what’s more is the more I look the more I find! Crystals have been used all across ancient history (let us not forget the ancient Egyptians used to create tombs with crystal center pieces).

With all this crystal energy being passed around and harnessed its no wonder they are all so successful.  Why not get yourself some of the most popular ones the celebs are wearing

Citrine – Abundance and Wealth

Lapis Lazuli – Passion, Ambition and Confidence

Aventurine – Opportunity and Clarity

Rose Quartz – Love and Harmony

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Jeannette McAteer

Hello everyone at the psychic tree…Have spent hours looking through your beautiful collection…As a Yoga Therapist & Teacher I am most interested. Will be ordering at some point on Tuesday… Can’t wait to share these crystals with my grand daughters and Yoga Friends.. Om Shanti 🙏 Virtual Hugs 🤗

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