Design our next Crystal Candle and Win!

How do you fancy designing your very own crystal infused candle... and more?

Well, we are giving all of you the opportunity to design your own candle, the best 5 will then be voted for, by you, our lovely customers, and the one with the most votes will be created and go on sale!

The top 5 shortlisted finalists will be selected by Laura & Mark. We will then get samples of each candle made and ask you all to vote for your favourite.

Once the favourite has been chosen the winning candle will then go on sale!

The person that comes up with the final winning candle will get their name mentioned on the candle packaging..... and win lots of prizes!

What prizes will you win?

Your candle on sale!

£100 to spend with The Psychic Tree!

Invited to become a Psychic Tree affiliate so you can promote your candle and earn commission on those sold

The opportunity to create more products with your name on in our home fragrance range

Five of your candles

Five shungite shields

Vote is now closed! - See the Winning Candle Here

Tips for your candle creation........

There is a limit on the colours we can make the candles in so this is restricted on the application form as some colours are not available

When choosing your crystal consider the source and sustainability of the crystal. In our current candles we try to choose those that we already stock and are common so as not to put strains on the sourcing of such items.

Our crystal candles use either crystal chips (a sprinkling) or two polished tumblestones. This is to avoid the crystals falling in and then extinguishing the candle.

Fragrances - go rogue! There are so many out there we want you to use your imagination on what would make the best candle. Once we have selected our 5 finalists we will firm up the fragrance oil to use and find the closest one to the smell you want to achieve.

All of our candles are made with soy wax to keep them vegan friendly and cruelty free.

You can add other items to the candle but for these to be considered they must be safe to use when they candle is lit

Note for our lovely staff - sorry guys you can't enter, that would be cheating! :-)


The judges decision is final and the 5 finalists will be voted for by the public via our social media and sales platforms.

The final product(s) once created remains the rights of Chapwood Holdings Ltd T/A The Psychic Tree.

The use of the winners name will be advertised across all of our platforms for 1 year after the winner is announced, after this date any links between Chapwood Holdings Ltd and the winner will be removed.

Applications can be made up to 30th June 2021. Any applications submitted after this date will not be entered.

The 5 finalists will be chosen and announced on 9th July 2021. The public online vote will be opened on Monday 2nd August with the winner being announced on 1st September 2021. The winning candle will then be launched and go on sale from 6th September 2021



I’ve just received my candles that I design for the competition and I am so happy with how they came out it looks so beautiful and I am so proud of it and thank you so much to psychic tree for the opportunity

Louise Hayward

Manifestation candle
Frankincense and bergamot with clear quartz for clarity light and transformation

Lisa Coles

A prosperity candle… a beautiful apple green candle infused with green aventurine stones.

Lenice bennett

Moms cloud 9.
A beautiful rose coloured candle with Lemongrass rosewood and patchouli essential oils with a blend of white jade and rose quarts to help realise potential and promote love. All the encouragement to help keeps moms on their toes and help realise they are doing great!

Lenice bennett

A candle called …..purificator on the rocks

A black candle with a lavender scent mixed with eucalyptus nd camomile.
Sprinkled purificator black tourmaline and amethyst .. Black tourmaline balances ying-yang energies and builds confidence. Amethyst is a natural tranquilliser and releievss stress and strain. Balancing out emotions and dissolves negativity.


An optimism candle – citrine, clear quartz and amethyst. The colour of the candle to be white to represent purity or yellow as the colour of happiness. The scent should be something fresh like cotton or fresh washing.

Ciara Seoighe

confidence/ self love candle- colour pink
carnelian, rose quartz and fluorite
scent – lavender

Charlotte Wilkins

A very Pale lilac candle infused with the scents of lavender and amber scent providing a peaceful and calming scent.

with blue lace agate , kunzite and clear quartz.

Charlie Russell

Confidence candle- Citrine and Carnelian light orange colour this candle would make the person feel more confident and want to do things they never thought they would do

Annie Wells

Love candle
rose scented with rose quartz <3

Georgia Cheetham

Creativity Candle with citrine, mookaite jasper/ bumblebee jasper and tigers eye. The colour of the wax is orangey peach. Apple and cinnamon scent.


Pink in colour with your sensual oil and rose quartz for self love 💗

Summer Geddes

A sit back and relax candle, removing the negative and anger. This colour the colour of the ocean with different colour stones (green adventurine, pink howlite etc)

Isla grace Tipping

an emotional healing candle would amazing infused with tiger eye and obsidian crystals would be amazing

Sheryl Painter

A pink candle for peace For the mind 💖☮️
With lavender and amethyst for calming thoughts

Jasmine Wright

A motivation candle. This candle containing citirine and gold tigers eye to promote motivation and getting things done

Jasmine Wright

A Truth candle. A candle infused with Lapis lazuli and black obsidian to inspire truth. The colour of this candle being a deep blue colour with small bits of black.

Ruby Duncan

Luck Candle – Jade and Goldstone
Scented Bergamot

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