A Love Never Lost - Crystal Infused Scented Candle

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A Love Never Lost - Designed by Danielle Pout (Competition winner)

A black candle infused with fragrance of Lavender with Rainbow Moonstone and Rose Quartz crystal chips. 

This candle has been designed for people dealing with grief and loss enhance focus. 

Whilst the colour symbolises loss, darkness and sadness the fragrance has been chosen to help people reflect about the person they have lost and feel calm. 

Rose Quartz is added for loving support, whilst Rainbow Moonstone provides inner peace to support times of grief. 

"I lost my Grandad and Dad within 6 weeks of each other and I still have moments where I still grieve for their loss. I dedicate this to them and for anyone else who feels like this"

The candle comes beautifully presented in a gift box and has a guide insert explaining why each crystal and scent has been chosen. Each candle has a burn time of 12-15 hours and once you are finished with the candle, the Rainbow Moonstone and Rose Quartz crystal chips can be kept as part of your crystal collection.


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