A great chance to win a FREE gift when you place an order!
Just use code FREEPRIZEDRAW when you checkout, or place it in the order notes before you checkout (just in case you have a discount code to use) and you will enter a daily draw to win a free gift!
If you are a lucky winner we will pop in your prize with your order when it is despatched
Free gifts consist of items that we would not normally sell so this can be anything from samples we have received, items used for photography, items we have purchased that are too big, too small, or have slight inconsistencies that makes them not quite good enough for normal retail, or items that may have slightly damaged packaging but the contents of the packs are fine.
So what's on offer?? Well here is some of the items.......

Pearl Earring and Necklace sets
Labradorite Free Standing Points
Various Crystal Angels
Mini Jade Hearts
Scented Candles (our practice batches)
Amethyst Clusters (large pieces but pale in colour)
Citrine Clusters (some damaged, quite crumbly)
Incense Sticks & Cones (lots of partially damaged boxes)
and much more.......
Remember to use code FREEPRIZEDRAW at checkout or in your order notes!
To enter all you need to do is place an order between now 18th March 7pm and the 25th March 2021 14:59 GMT
Now Extended to last until Sunday 28th March 2021 14.59GMT
Orders without the code in either the checkout or in order notes will not be entered into the free prize draw. Orders for free products or books only will not be entered. Please note we cannot accept any returns or complaints from the competition. Whilst stock lasts. Gifts are chosen at random and cannot be selected. T&C's apply..