Art Of Palm Reading By Staci Mendoza

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This is a practical guide to character analysis and divination through the ancient art of palm reading. It is a practical guide to palm and hand analysis with clear photographs and illustrations to help you identify lines, shapes and skin patterns. You can discover the secrets of your destiny and interpret your character, and that of your family and friends, with the ancient and mysterious art of palmistry.

It is a fascinating clues to the character types and personality traits, which can be revealed by the palms. It includes step-by-step sequences on how to conduct your own palm reading session. A compelling book, which will give you the power to gain insight into your own life, and those of your friends and family, illustrated throughout in over 200 evocative and practical images.

Each of us has a distinct pattern of lines, mounts, whorls and signs on our hands that can change throughout life, giving fascinating insight into the workings of our head, heart, fate and fortune. Co-written by a professional palm reader, this intriguing handbook reveals the secrets of hand and palm reading, giving you a thorough introduction to all the basic aspects of palmistry.The ancient art of palmistry has its roots in the East and dates as far back as 3200bc. The practice was much respected by the Victorians and, today, its mysteries are regaining popular recognition.

You can learn how hand shape can determine character type, how lines can give accurate dates for life events, and how skin patterns can even reveal personality traits. After reading this book you will never look at a pair of hands in the same way again.

Hardback 64 pages, over 160 photographs. By Staci Mendoza


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