Complete SpellCasters Crystal Infused Scented Candle Set

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This packs contains all eight candles in our SpellCasters Crystal Infused Candle range. They all come with their own guide with a spell, that is to be said with intention when you light your candles.

The SpellCasters candles that are included in this pack -

  • SpellCasters Money Candle - comes infused with Citrine & Peridot crystals, and is scented with Butterbeer Fragrance oil.
  • SpellCasters The Other Side Candle - comes infused with Tourmaline & Quartz healing crystals, and is scented with Cinnamon Fragrance oil.
  • SpellCasters Heath Candle - comes infused with Sodalite & Quartz healing crystals, and is scented with Palo Santo Fragrance oil.
  • SpellCasters Revenge Candle - comes infused with Amethyst & Tourmaline healing crystals, and is scented with Cabernet Fragrance oil.
  • SpellCasters Attraction Candle - comes infused with Rose Quartz healing crystals, and is scented with Lavender & Neroli Fragrance oil.
  • SpellCasters Peace Candle - comes infused with Aquamarine healing crystals, and is scented with Pine Fragrance oil.
  • SpellCasters Luck Candle - comes infused with Tigers Eye healing crystals, and is scented with Rock Salt & Driftwood Fragrance oil.
  • SpellCasters Happiness Candle - comes infused with Fluorite healing crystals, and is scented with Clean Cotton Fragrance oil.

These candles come beautifully presented in a gift box and have a guide insert. Each candle has a burn time of 12-15 hours and once you are finished with the candle you can either bury the crystals in the ground or cleanse them to keep.


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