Everything You Need to Know to Become a Pet Psychic : How to Master the Secrets of Animal Communication - by Beth Lee-Crowther

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'You really can learn to talk to your pet' - Daily Mail

We all want what's best for our pets, but what if we simply don't understand what that is? With this easy introductory guide to animal communication, you can leave out the guesswork and open yourself to a deeper, richer relationship with your pet. In this book, you will: 

- Learn exactly what animal communication is, how it differs from being a pet psychic and the different types of ways you can psychically communicate with your pet, including Beth's unique PACT method

- Receive important messages from your pet, learn to communicate with other people's pets, as well as read messages via photographs

- Understand how to solve behavioural issues in your pet and help them with their wellbeing 

- Be able to learn how to use animal communication to help cope with the loss of a beloved pet as well as learn how to use your new skills to locate a missing animal. Your pet is part of your family, they know what you are feeling, and now you can really understand what they are feeling too.


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