Rhodochrosite Rough 'n' Tumble Crystal Pack

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Rhodochrosite Healing Crystals are crystals that emit a powerful, pulsating energy of love and is known as a very tender stone, one that soothes the heart. Known as "The Stone of the Compassionate Heart", Rhodochrosite is a a great stone for emotional healing and helps the user increase their self worth and respect. 

Having this stone around also calls new love into a life, be it a friend or soulmate and is known to bring incredible cheer to those who have it around. The intricate pink and grey markings make this a wonderful stone to look at and be around.

This Rough 'n' Tumble pack contains two Rhodochrosite crystals, one polished and one rough. Both crystals come in an organza bag with a printed guide containing all the scientific and healing properties of the crystal. An excellent gift or keep sake.

Each rough stone weighs approximately 40-50g and each polished 10-30g. Please note that size and shape of the crystals may vary. 

Organza bag provided may change in colour but will generally be either black, white or gold. Each pack sold individually. 


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