You Just Need to Believe It : 10 Ways in 10 Days to Unlock Your Courage and Reclaim Your Power

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Change your life in just 10 days with Andrea McLean: become brave, break out of your comfort zone and find happiness, confidence and strength! There's no such thing as a life without fear - we need it to survive. But finding your inner strength comes from learning how to rationalize that fear, tame it and ultimately make it work for you. Andrea made the courageous leap to leave her successful career as a TV broadcaster to do what fills her soul - and it was terrifying.

But she hasn't looked back and now she wants you to understand how your fear is restricting you. This tried-and-tested 10-day programme will show you how to: * Unleash your self-belief * Break the behaviour patterns that are holding you back * Unlock your courage and use it every day * Reclaim the power that's been inside you all along


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