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Look at the image below and select the card you feel most drawn to to reveal your card reading for the day.

The cards used today are The Angel Guide Oracle - available to buy here



Once you have picked your card - you can now read the meanings below...


1. 'Opportunity And Change'

As one door closes, another one opens. This is the time for change. Your angels are drawing close to support you in making the changes that you need to make to attract opportunities and abundance. You may have experienced resistance recently or felt stuck, but the new beginning you are seeking is unfolding now. If you’re hesitating over a decision or wondering what to do about a particular project, your angels are encouraging you to go with the new. Change might bring a sense of vulnerability or present you with the unknown, but it will also allow you to make a deeper connection to your feelings and gifts and what is important to you. Your Guardian Angel is waiting to guide you through the doorway of opportunity that has been offered to you now.

2. 'Clear, Cancel And Release'

 You are being guided to clear your life and energy of any negative or challenging people, situations or events. It’s time to release any old ideas negative thought patterns or even sarcastic comments you may be using to put yourself down. Angel wisdom want you to recognise and realise the power of your words, thoughts and intentions. If you are saying something, even joking about yourself, that might have a negative effect on you or express something you wish wasn’t real, you are being encouraged to be more loving towards yourself. Angels are guiding you to clear, cancel and release, anything you no longer want or need in order to make more room for love positivity in peace.

3. 'Romance And Connection'

Angels of romance are swirling around your life at this time, ushering in positive, uplifting and heartfelt experiences to remind you that love is real. Allowing yourself to be romanced, to receive and experience a true connection is important at this time. It is likely that your heart space is opening up and any barriers or shields that have been in place are falling away. If you find yourself scared or uptight about romance, know that this is not only a sign that you would like to experience it, but also that is something that your energy system really needs. Your angels are guiding you to begin seeing yourself as loving and deserving of love. Know that you have so much goodness and light to offer others and the world. You are also being encouraged to know that the world wants to see you, to know you and understand your heart. All of this is only possible with your permission. Why not give it now?

 We hope you enjoyed your reading. 

The card deck used for this reading can be found here

The crystals used in the imagery were Amethyst Unique & RareSodalite, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Gold Tigers Eye, Citrine, Amethyst (polished).

White Sage, Abalone Shell and Palo Santo Wood are all cleansing products which were used to remove negative energy from the cards before they were drawn. You can purchase these items as part of our Beginners Sage Smudge Kit Here


Teresa Nobrega

25 June at 13:54 Chose number 3,and it’s real hard to trust again in a "true connection ’’.


Chose card #3….very insightful and timely. Thank you universe x


Very good reading from the card. Positive change!

Jan Johnson

My heart has been yearning for my first love so the choice of #3 card was very apt.

Liane Collins

I chose card 3. I have been married for nearly 34 years but the card still works for us now. Thank you.


Thank you so much for this little reading, I chose number 1 and it’s a very accurate summary of how my life is right now, I’m feeling very grateful and positive ☺️xx

Carol Clarke

I do Angel Card readings and so fully understand how they connect with you.
I chose 2 – Clear, Cancel & Release ……
Completely and utterly spot on. This is exactly what I must do.
Thank you Spirit Angel for your message.


Definitely made a lot of sense, and strangely I have started to get rid of a lot of clutter in my home, and thinking about people who I don’t want in my life anymore. The actual cards look really nice, I might have to buy a pack to add to my collection,.

Dawn Mcwilliam

Thanks for that, i was actually drawn to all 3… Yes i do need a clear out and a bit of romance. :)

Fiona Derriman

Thank you so much for this reading today! I chose Card 2. With the big changes happening life at present, I HAVE been doubting myself! This resonates deep within. Blessed be!

Busy mommy81

I chose card 2 , so accurate for my current situation thankyou xx

Allison Smith

Thank you so much for this reading
I chose card 1
The message is spot on for what is happening in my life at this time
Thank you x

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