Cassy describes herself as a born psychic as this was a gift passed down through her family from her Nan, Greta. She was a born Clairvoyant and was able to see spirit as a baby (gold orbs were her favourite!). As she grew up, seeing spirits was not how she wanted to channel the information as she realised no one else could see the same thing! Now she works predominately with her Spirit Guides and Tarot Cards to channel energy to give her insight into her clients current situations. She works now through a more Claircognizant and Clairsentient manner as she is also an Intuitive and an Empath. The information comes to her naturally or she is able to see the images/symbols in her minds eye. 

Cassy says that her purpose here is to help empower people. Her goal with every reading is to hand people their wand back and help them realise just how powerful they are as individuals and as a collective. She approaches her readings with honesty, sensitivity and compassion — and promises to give you nothing less than the truth! 

Psychic Readings

In association with The Psychic Tree, Cassy brings her clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance skills to provide you with her amazing insights through email readings tailored just for you!

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