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Healing Crystal Guides

How Do I Use My Crystals? - Answered

We often get emails asking how you should use your crystals. We have made this guide so you have the all the answer you need! When you get your crystals...

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Dumortierite Healing Crystals

Everything you need to know about Dumortierite Healing Crystals

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Lepidolite Healing Crystals

Everything you need to know about Lepidolite Healing Crystals

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Blue Banded Agate Healing Crystals

Everything You Need To Know About Blue Banded Agate Healing Crystals

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How To Guides

Cleansing and Smudging Guide

The practice of cleansing and smudging has been around for many years.  We get asked many questions about the best way to do this and also which are the best...

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Your Quick Reference Chakra Guide

You have probably heard us mention Chakra’s a few times.  However, we have never really actually explained what they are.  So here is a quick guide for you to understand...

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Our 10 Favourite Ways to Combat Stress

So we all have those busy days where you just don’t stop and it feels like the world is spinning you around at 100mph without time to take a breath. ...

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