Gemstone Family Feldspar (Silicate)
Chakras Heart (4th), Throat (5th)
Colour Emerald/mottled green
Found in China, Egypt, Libya, USA

Earth, Water

Also known as Amazonstone
Meaning  Named after the Amazon river, from which several similar stones are found, but it is unknown if Amazonite was originally sourced there
Birthstone Month March
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Chemical Composition KAlSi3O8
Hardness on the Mohs scale  6-6.5
Physical Healing Properties Amazonite is believed to speed up recovery from rashes and blisters, as well as reducing pain from conditions such as gout and rheumatism. Also believed to fix metabolic imbalances.
Emotional Healing Properties Helps reduce unwarranted aggression as well as healing the emotions, leading to dealing with events that caused emotional trauma and preventing a future relapse
Spiritual Properties Facilitates spiritual healing, as well as balancing intellect and intuition - thus providing a healthier state of mind and strengthening spiritual beliefs
Legend has it that.... Amazonite was used to decorate the golden funeral mask of Pharaoh Tutankhamen 

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