Gemstone Family Quartz
Chakras Heart (4th)
Colour Green, Blue, Red
Found in  India, Chile, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Austria, and Tanzania
Element  Associated with Earth and Water
Also known as "The Stone Of Opportunity", Avventurino
Meaning  The name Aventurine comes from the Italian "aventura," which means"by chance"
Birthstone Month April / May
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Chemical Composition SiO2
Hardness on the Mohs scale 

7 (1 being softest, 10 being hardest)

Physical Healing Properties Supports general healing notably the heart, increases circulation, increases energy, lowers cholesterol, increases fertility, aids in sight issues, reduces acne
Emotional Healing Properties Inspires optimism and self-confidence, brings harmony, calms nerves, reduces stress, quiets the mind, brings joy
Spiritual Properties Brings good fortune and prosperity, harmonises, regulates rhythm, balances male/female energy, promotes renewal
Legend has it that....

Aventurine was used in magical rituals to increase abundance, opportunity and luck. It is said that if you carry a piece of Green Aventurine in the left pocket when buying a lottery ticket, it will bring success


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