Blue Tigers Eye Healing Crystals
  • Gemstone Family - Quartz (Silicate)
  • Chakras - Third Eye (5th), Throat (6th)
  • Colour - Indigo/dark blue
  • Found in - Brazil, Canada, India, Namibia, South Africa
  • Element - Air
  • Also known as - Hawk's Eye, Falcon's Eye
  • Meaning - Named after the chatoyancy (cat's eye) effect seen when light is shone into it, and the visibly blue colour of the crystal
  • Birthstone Month - July
  • Zodiac Sign - Capricorn, Leo
  • Chemical Composition - Si02
  • Hardness on the Mohs scale - 7
  • Physical Healing Properties - Blue Tigers Eye helps to balance the metabolism, as well as reducing fatigue and increasing focus - improving mental clarity and helping with public speaking.
  • Emotional Healing Properties - Aids with brotherly love, as well as having a calming effect and helping to balance emotions. Also reduces stress and helps with letting go.
  • Spiritual Properties - Opens the auras, enhances insight and intuition and helps you to discover universal love and truth.
  • Legend has it that.... In the Middle Ages, many would wear Blue Tigers Eye as an amulet (a good luck charm) against witchcraft, demons and the evil eye

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