Gemstone Family Quartz
Chakras All Chakra's are affected by this crystal
Colour Clear/Cloudy
Found in Worldwide
Element  Associated with Storm
Also known as Rock Crystal, "The Master Healer", "Quarz" (European), κρύσταλλος (krustallos - Ancient Greek), "Kwardy" (Polish)
Meaning  The word "Quartz" is derived from the German word "Quarz" which in turn comes from the Polish dialect term "kwardy" (Hard). The Ancient Greek term means "Icy Cold" as philosophers believed the mineral to be a form of supercooled ice
Birthstone Month None
Zodiac Sign No particular association, however it is know to reduce Capricorn's stubbornness and Leo's need for power, as well as rendering Gemini's more tolerant
Chemical Composition SiO2
Hardness on the Mohs scale  7 (1 being softest, 10 being hardest)
Physical Healing Properties Supports the nervous system, programmable to assist in any type of healing, stimulates the immune system, treats migraines, reduces the effect of vertigo, assists with metabolism and weight loss, reduces the effect of exhaustion
Emotional Healing Properties Intensifies feelings and heals the emotional body, amplifies energy and thoughts, turns negative energies into positive ones, increases clarity of thought
Spiritual Properties Enhances clarity, aids communications with angels, spirit guides, animals, and plants. Used to amplify energies of other stones, past life recall, enhances the meditative state, Brings a sense of purpose
Legend has it that... Throughout history, Clear Quartz has been valued by nearly every civilization as far back as Atlantis and Lemuria, where the sun's power was believed to be harnessed through a crystal as a source of solar energy refraction.


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