Rose Quartz Healing Crystals
  • Gemstone Family - Quartz
  • Chakras - Heart (4th)
  • Colour - Pink/Rose
  • Found in - Brazil, South Africa, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and the US
  • Element Associated with - Water
  • Also known as - "The Heart Stone", "Love Stone", Pink Quartz, Hyaline Quartz (Greek)
  • Meaning - Comes from the Greek word "Hyalos" meaning Glass
  • Birthstone Month - January
  • Zodiac Sign - Taurus
  • Chemical Composition - SiO2
  • Hardness on the Mohs scale - 7 (1 being softest, 10 being hardest)
  • Physical Healing Properties - Supports the heart in healing from trauma and disease
  • Emotional Healing Properties - Releases past wounds, teaches trust and hope, helps recover emotionally from previous hurt, encourages new love
  • Spiritual Properties - Encourages spirituality of love, links heart to the heart of the Earth and the heart of the Universe
  • Legend has it that... Adonis, who was Aphrodite’s lover, was attacked by Ares while he was in the shape of a wild boar. Aphrodite, fearing for her lover, ran to his aid and in the process caught herself upon a briar bush. Her blood mingled with Adonis’ and together it stained the white quartz pink.

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