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The Top 5 Dreams

No matter how bored we get and how much we sleep, dreams will always exist and intrigue us. Dreams are thoughts that can be related to something that has happened in our day-to-day or they can be completely random and seemingly have no logic as to why our brains decided to show us these moments.

Here we will try and break down those more intriguing dreams by analysing out what they mean and how the interpretations can apply to what's happening in our lives.




One that I am sure almost everyone has experienced at some point.

To dream of falling generally isn't a good sign. In order to understand this one better you need to take a look at your life and the elements in it.  Is there something that doesn't feel right? Or isn't quite working? Are you struggling to complete something? Is someone bullying you or making you feel inferior?

All of these are possible reasons why someone may dream of falling.  Falling represents moving from a higher level to a lower level so it can only be interpreted in that way.  It is your subconscious telling you that you may face difficulties and your position is being weakend or challenged. 

The best way to then deal with this is to work out what the dream is relating to, and then face up it. How do you avoid falling down from where your at to this new lower level. If it's work related maybe then a possibility would be to look for a new job, if its relationship it's worth reviewing why this person is in your life and what suppport do they offer you.


FlyingVery much opposite of falling, flying is a good thing.  Over the years there have been many weird and wonderful interpretations of this, but, in general it represents power and your ability to use power. If we look back to falling that interprets as moving down a level, and so flying is moving up a level but in a way that is powered by you, yourself. 

Flying shows that you are in control of your own destiny. Have you recently landed yourself a new job? Are you succeeding and getting a promotion? Are you in a relationship where for the first time you feel supported? 

All of these are examples of where decisions you have made have directly impacted your life in a positive way and thus your subconscious would portray this in your dreams as flying. 

Loosing Teeth

No Teeth

Loosing teeth is linked to when we all lost our milk teeth. There is a level of insecurity associated with it (of course made slightly more palatable by the invention of the Tooth Fairy). However, this dream does indicate a feeling and sense of insecurity or inadequacy.

Are you in a period of transition in your life and set yourself high expectations that you are not sure you can achieve? 

This dream can also represent a negative self image.  Are you low on self-esteem and your views and opinions constantly being challenged by others making you feel inadequate?

Dealing with feelings of low self esteem and inadequecies is not easy and can affect many people in different ways. If you have this dream be very aware of what or who is making you feel this way and change it!


Being Chased

Being Chased

This dream is likely to crop up more if you are a person that tends to avoid confrontation. If you dislike conflict, and in difficult situations tend to walk away then this dream may be quite a common one.

Being chased shows that we are running away from something.  So this one interprets quite simply. What are you facing in your day-to-day that you are running away from or want to run away from?

If you are facing a stressful situation during the day then it's likely you will dream of being chased during your sleep as this is your subconscious giving you the opportunity to run away from it, even if waking hours you can't.

Take ownership in these instances and handle the stressful situation that you are trying to get away from head on.

Being Naked In Public

Naked in publicI find this one probably one of the worst dreams. Feeling exposed, vunerable, and like everyone is watching and laughing. None of these things are what you want to feel. So why do we dream about it?

One theory is that it is your subconsciouses way of assuring you that you are putting more energy into something that is needed. Are you spending too much time on a presentation that not many people will be paying attention to? Have you given someone too much attention that isn't being reciprocated?

Another theory (and probably more likely) is that you are in current situations that make you feel vunerable or embarassed. Is there a particular pressure in your life where if you get something wrong then bad consequences are likely to follow?

Help to tackle this one by asking for support.


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