Moon Phases 2023

 Full Moon Calendar 2023

6 January - Wolf Moon
5 February - Snow Moon
7 March - Worm Moon
6 April - Pink Moon
5 May - Flower Moon
3 June - Strawberry Moon
3 July - Buck Moon
1 August - Sturgeon Moon
30 August - Blue Moon
29 September - Harvest Moon
28 October - Hunter's Moon
27 November - Beaver Moon
26 December - Cold Moon

The Phases

New Moon
During a New Moon, the moon sits between the Earth and the Sun, and consequently is not fully visible to the human eye, however there may be a faint outline of earthlight upon it, creating a ghostly image.

The New Moon is considered “new” because it marks the start of the lunar cycle. In some cultures and legends, it is said that the moon has been devoured or is waiting to be reborn anew in the form of the next crescent. It represents new beginnings, rebirth, potential, and stillness. It’s an excellent time to take stock of where you are, plan and set new intentions, start new projects or journeys, and even create a to do list for the following month.

Waxing Moon
A waxing moon is the period of time when the moon appears to slowly grow fuller and bigger. This period includes the phases of waxing crescent, first quarter and waxing gibbous. This time period covers the first half of the lunar cycle

The waxing moon represents growth, personal development, decision-making, and progress. When the moon is waxing, this can be a great time to work on personal projects you might find yourself concentrating more fully on your goals or taking more careful yet deliberate actions in your work and life. 


Half Moon

A half moon is the point in the moon's phases when it is either halfway to being full or half way to being new once more. During this short period of time, it can often be a time when things can change very quickly for better or worse.

The Half moon represents a moment of pause, encouraging you to take a time to rest and regroup, thinking about your next steps.

Full Moon
Also known as the harvest moon, the full moon holds much power. During this time, the moon and the sun sit on opposite sides of the earth, lending the moon its bright, circular appearance.

The full moon represents illumination, clarity and completion. When the moon is full, you might experience heightened emotions, increased energy and a profound sense of creativity. It is said to be the best time to create artworks, write books, sculpt, or play creatively and make something new. 

Some even report receiving vital messages during the full moon. When a full moon hits, pay attention to your thoughts and the world around you, as the universe might be telling you something important.

Waning Moon
When the moon is waning, it appears to fade gradually from the sky at night. A waning moon includes the phases of waning gibbous, last quarter, and waning crescent. It symbolizes letting go, release, retreat, and surrender.

This is a great time for cleansing and removing clutter, both literal and personal. You can also look back on the previous month and consider what worked for you and what didn’t, giving yourself a quiet moment for reflection.

This next moon cycle, take time during each phase to notice the moon and how it makes you feel. Consider how you might use the energy of each period to focus on your life.

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