Rune - Quick Reference Guide

fehuFehu -  Rune of Wealth

This rune describes money, love and food.  It speaks of the need to protect and appreciate the things that you value in your life, by this there is an implied meaning of hard work required that can lead to wealth. When inverted this rune warns of loss of something valueable.

uruzUruz - Rune of Strength

Meaning strength, courage, and mental/physical stamina required to face obstacles, this rune has a masculine quality to it.  It can also imply a challenge leading to a major life change and taking responsibility for your actions. When inverted be careful of being too aggressive.  

thurisazThurisaz - The Devil's Rune

This rune represents turbulent time ahead that act as a catalyst for change.  Difficulties, chaos.  Often a warning that your luck is running out and to resist temptation. When inverted the problems are less serious.

 ansuzAnsuz - The Messenger Rune

This rune represents communication in all forms, whether it be talking to people at the right times, an exam or a book.  When inverted it signifies that there may be difficulty in communication likely to arise.  

raidoRaido - The Traveller's Rune

Travel and journeys.  A re-union, arrival or departure. Inverted it signifies a situation that is out of control.

kanuazKaunaz - The Rune of Fire

Generally represents fire in its literal meaning, but other meanings are enlightenment, a burning desire or enthusiasm for something.  A feeling of motivation and shedding light on areas that were previously in the dark. Inverted it describes ignorance.

geboGebo - The Gift Rune

Meaning gifts, love, talents and skills.

wunjoWunjo - Rune of Joy

A rune of happiness and content with what you already have.  It also tells us to be careful of what we wish for.  Joy.  When inverted it means being emotionally cut off.

hagalazHagalaz - Rune of Disruption

This rune generally represents third party influences that are outside of your control, for instance the weather.  It tells us to remember that we must learn from these experiences and good will come from them.

nauthizNauthiz - Rune of Necessity

This runes represents neediness.  You desires and cravings for something else.  It reminds us to sort out priorities and to face facts in order to improve the situation. 

isaIsa - Rune of Ice

Stagnation, frozen, lack of change.  This rune tells us that we are reluctant to changes are are clinging to the status quo.

jeraJera - Rune of Success

This runes describes cycles and transitions.  It translates as harvest and therefore also signifies fertility and fruition.  Reward for past efforts


perthPerth - Rune of Chance and Mystery

Perth looks beyond the surface of life and relates more to your inner self.  It is the rune of chance and mystery and so concentrates on the choices you take to have a say in your own future. When inverted it speaks of unfounded fears.

algizAlgiz - Rune of Protection

This rune symbolises protection and reaching up to the divine.  It often illustrates people on a spiritual path.  When inverted it can warn of being too defensive. 

sowelaSowela - Rune of Energy

This is a rune that is optimistic and reminds us to keep going.  It is a positive force and is the natural power of the sun.  You will achieve success.

teiwazTeiwaz - The Warrior's Rune

Bravery, competitiveness, courage, dedication, justice, victory, and strength.  It often relates to battles that are fought for the common good.  Inverted it represents defeat.

berkanaBerkana - The Rune of Growth

The rune for fertility, new life, growth and fresh beginnings.  A time to sow seeds for the future and plan.  Inverted this means the inability to grow.

ehwazEhwaz -  Rune of Momentum

Ehwaz represents the horse in its speed strength and forward motion as a form of transport. It also represents a partnership and trust such as between horse and rider.  When inverted it warns of a betrayal of trust.

mannazMannaz - Rune of Humanity

You need to be considerate to others.  This rune represents humanity and the fact that we share this world with other humans.  we are all part of the same human family.  When inverted it means a closed mind.

laguzLaguz - The Water Rune

Laguz relates to water and the flow as a representation of spiritual energy.  Tune in to your intuition and develop your psychic powers.  It can also represent a steady stream of something new in to your life.  When inverted it speaks of being overwhelmed by fear. 

inguzInguz - Rune of Harmony

Inguz describes the seed stage of projects and relationships. It is the rune of peace and harmony and therefore encourages you to appreciate life and develop with peace and joy.

othilaOthila - Rune of Acquisition 

This rune symbolises money, possessions and character traits through inheritance.  It references the country home and ancestral history.  It also talks of the honest an just are destined for great wealth.  Inverted is describes clinging to the past.

 dagazDagaz - Rune of Transformation

A major change or fresh start.  Dagaz promises that of improvement via a fresh start whether its mental, physical, or emotional. The darkness is now behind you.

Eihwaz - Rune of Defense

This is the symbol of rune magic.  This rune has mysteries of life and death.  It provides counsel on endurance and gives you the strength to keep going and confronting problems.


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Pamela Collins

Have been very happy with the crystal ball I purchased and other items ..quick delivery and great items now looking forward to Runes .thank you ..


I’ve not long brought my runestones and I’m just started to meditating and trying to connect with them how long does it normally take to connect with your rune stones and to know if your room stones are the ones for you. My ruined stones are purple.


Brought the Amethyst runes got them with in two days can’t wait to use them thank you


I have just bought a set of rose quartz runes. Thank you so much for making this, it shows how much Psychic tree cares about their customers and not just selling the runes. Can’t wait to use mine! x


I purchased my runes only a couple days ago and they came so quickly with one of my beautiful crystals I ordered too! I’m so excited to start using my runes I’m only a beginner but The Psychic Tree blogs and websites are so useful in helping you learn and understand everything so clearly!

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Hi I was very pleased with my order and was surprised at how quickly it was delivered .i will most definitely order in the future

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