Working With Pendulums

Pendulums can be an excellent tool to help you channel your spiritual connection and reveal answers to questions that you otherwise may not be able to find or interpret using other psychic tools.

Once a pendulum is trained is can provide very quick and effective answers to help you make educated decisions.

A pendulum can be made of most materials i.e. wood, crystal or metal.  But should always hang symmetrically so that the weight of the pendulum does not impact the direction of the swing. 

You can now train your pendulum.

In order to train your pendulum you need to establish at least two, but ideally four answers that it can provide for you.  These being 'Yes', 'No', 'Silly Question', and 'Searching'.

Its best practice to cleanse your pendulum before you begin so that all other energies are removed from it and it will absorb only your energy making working with it easier and more accurate. To learn how to cleanse and connect with your crystals please read our blog 

You should then ask your crystal a very basic question that can only be answered with a 'yes'.  For example you could ask 'Are you a pendulum?', or 'Is my name Laura (your name)?'.  The pendulum should then begin to swing in a certain direction, pattern or rotation.  Repeat this so that you are sure on the swing and then you know going forward your pendulum will be providing a 'Yes' answer. 

Do the same for a question that can only be answered 'No'.  For example 'Can life exist without water?' Or 'Can pigs fly?'.
Once repeated a few times you should now be able to determine your pendulums swing pattern for 'Yes' and 'No'.

Repeat again to determine the swing for 'Silly' Question' and 'Searching'.  It is best to ask the pendulum directly here so by saying 'Can you show me thing swing for silly question' or 'Can you show me the swing for Searching'. 

The more times you repeat this and work with your pendulum the better the results will be and the clearer the responses will be when you are asking it questions that you don't know the answers to and so enhancing your psychic powers.

To then progress on to working with your pendulum is simple.  Ensure you are calm and have a clear mind, if you are emotionally attached to the question you are asking this could affect the pendulums outcome so its good to try and be as clear as possible. Then its simply a case of asking the questions you want answers to.

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Annie Brown

Thankyou for this I have just found thepsychictree and will be buying an abalone shell and some sage ,and love the blog and help .kind regards annie xx.

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