Inner Strength by Hannah Rudd

A pale pink candle with white patchouli fragrance, Rose Quartz crystal chips, Opalite tumblestones and a few white rose petals.  

This candle has been designed to help find inner strength and the power to heal from toxic environments in whatever form they can take.  Inner strength is the courage that gets us through life's obstacles. 

The fragrance has been chosen as it's an uplifting frgrance and promotes confidence.  It is known to enhance mood and for it's healing properties. 

Opalite and Rose quartz have been chosen to promote inner peace and strength, with crystal tumblestones added in particular as holding them in your hands and turning them can be a reassuring action in times of need.

The addition of white rose petals signifies new beginnings.

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Forget Me Not by Jodie Nolan-Jackson

A light blue candle with fragrance the fresh and fruity fragrance of nectarine & lemon blossom with Rose Quartz and Citrine crystal chips.

This candle has been designed for those that have struggled with grief and the loss of a loved one. Jodie lost her mum, Joy, a year ago to cancer and created this candle in rememberance and to create something in her mum's memory. 

The pale blue colour and the fresh fruity fragrance has been selected as they symbolise a Forget-Me-Not flower.

Rose Quartz and Citrine crystals have been added for healing and emotional health.

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