Kitchen Witch

Rachel is an English witch (and has been for a very long time), she is also a working wife and mother and has published several books. Her craft is a combination of old religion witchcraft, Wicca, wild witchcraft, kitchen witchery and folk magic. Her heart is that of an English Kitchen Witch.

Rachel is High Priestess of the Kitchen Witch Coven and an Elder at the online Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchcraft.
She is a regular columnist with Fate & Fortune magazine, and also contributes articles to several magazines such as Pagan Dawn and Witchcraft & Wicca.

Her passion is to learn and she loves to study but finds she learns the most from getting outside and practicing. She enjoys giving talks to pagan groups and co-runs open rituals and workshops, meeting with other like-minded people.

Spell Packs

In collaboration with The Psychic Tree, Kitchen Witch brings you her unique spell packs. Each one has been individually created to bring you the most beneficial ingredients to work towards your desired outcome.

Harness your inner Witch or Wizard and try these spells for yourself!