Sophia Angelini

Are you looking for an experienced Psychic Medium? Someone who can offer simple solutions, connects easily to spirit and offers clarity and answers in a grounded, understandable and compassionate way? Then you have arrived at exactly the right place.

Sophia Angelini is a naturally gifted psychic medium and visionary with unique skills that allow her to see not only your current lifetime and future possibilities, but into your past lives, your soul consciousness and ancestral history.

She has been aware of her gifts since childhood as spirit appeared to her from around the age of 3 and can recount endless times that spirit have guided her during her life. She always knew her work was with people, guiding and healing them in some way. 

Sophia learnt Reiki to Master-Teacher level in 2002 and has studied esoteric subjects endlessly for the past 30 years. Her psychic abilities and the love of what she is able to offer others has led her to work worldwide both in person and online. 

As a natural psychic Sophia works hands free, but can include tools such as cards or crystals to clarify the information offered. 

If you are looking for a genuine, caring, compassionate, experienced professional psychic medium then Sophia looks
forward to helping you on your life path. 

Psychic Readings

In association with The Psychic Tree, Sophia Angelini brings her amazing psychic insights through both Zoom calls and email readings!

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