Ronnie (Spirits On The Loose)

Ronnie has been communicating with spirits and beings of other realms since a young age, being
able to see, hear and feel those who have passed as well as her own spirit guides and protectors. In recent years, Ronnie has been growing her online presence and is quickly gaining trust as a spiritual reader, communicator and dream interpreter.

Being of Scandinavian decent, Ronnie has always been drawn to Runic symbols and Norse mythology and folklore, which shows in her selection of reading
style. In addition to runes, pendulums and various tarot and oracle cards, Ronnie is also the proud owner of a Runic Tarot deck, a perfect combination of her favourite reading styles. 

Psychic Readings

In association with The Psychic Tree, Ronnie brings her amazing psychic insights through email readings, tailored just for you!

Ronnie's Collection

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