Animal Insight Audio Tarot Email Reading By Black Moon Cove

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amy gibbs

Amazing! Highly recommend, lot of information given

Such a beautiful reading

Luna did a reading for my little dog and it was just beautiful. She was clearly attuned to his energy and described him to a T! I loved the style of the reading and found it very reassuring - she gave me a couple of things to think about and loads of positive affirmations about our relationship - it’s always nice to get validation as it’s hard to be completely objective about your own animal. I have listened to Luna again and again and, even though it’s a short reading there is so much in there and lots to pick up on. Would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to connect with their animal on another level. 😊

Animal insight reading.

I have had 2 readings now with Luna for both of my dogs. I really enjoyed listening to them both. Luna described my dogs personalities very accurately. She gave me a good insight into how they were feeling. Also what they wanted to draw my attention to and let me know. I would recommend to anyone with pets.


I had wanted to get a reading done ever since Amber passed away in 2021 but I never felt that I had found anyone I trusted enough. I’m so glad that I found Black Moon Cove, Luna and Raven gave me a connection to my girl again. During the reading they knew so many things about Amber and purrfectly described her personality, what they said has given me such peace of mind, I will forever be grateful for that! I highly recommend using Black Moon Cove, I will be using their service again.


This reading was amazing! Everything that was said relates exactly to my dog and confirms some of my thoughts! It’s really helpful too because as a rescue, we’re not sure of his past but can see through this how being abandoned could explain some of his traits now and therefore gives us a better understanding. He certainly is my baby and it’s amazing how this came through in this reading and also how we came to find each other - definitely meant to be! I would certainty recommend this reading to anyone with pets!

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