Chakra Balance - Tarot Email Reading By Diana McMahon Collis

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Couldn't be happier with my tarot reading, quickly done, detailed report, i think every single point resonated so will be doing again soon

chakra balance

prompt and seemed very relevant . I feel this will become more evident as I have time to absorb message

Pleasantly Surprised!

This is the first Chakra Balance - Tarot reading I've ever had done and the first reading from Diana.

There was no reviews when I looked at this product and in all honesty I felt hesitant to purchase. I decided to purchase with the intention to leave a review if I would recommend the reading to others, something I never make time for - and here we are!

The reading was nothing like I expected and I was blown away by the depth and content. I opened my file to see a reading just short of nine pages which included a thorough explanation of the Chakras, how the reading works, where the information is coming from/how it is received, along with insights from Astrology, the crystals used during the reading and why.

I opted for a general reading (insight into all Chakras) and was so pleasantly surprised with the content that I went onto order one for my husband and recommend to a friend who I know has ordered one too.

I've read both of there's and again felt each one was great value for money with in-depth insights and plenty of information for future reflection too. Each one of ours I could see how it aligned with what we were experiencing in our life too.

One morning I woke up thinking I couldn't believe how well I slept the night before, and later on that day realised that my reading had come in the night before - the chakra balancing instantly had improved my sleep!

This review won't show as verified as I don't have an account on The Psychic Tree's website, however I did purchase this reading from here.

I'd highly recommend and will consider other readings by Diana in the future even if there are zero reviews!

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