Citrine Crystal Gold Triangle & Circle Pendant with Gold Chain

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This necklace consists of Circle and Triangle enclosing a Citrine crystal. Citrine carries the power of the sun. This makes it a powerful cleanser and re-generator, and provides warmth and energy.  It is what we would call a good all round crystal as it can raise self esteem as well as motivate and revitalise the mind. 

This symbol with a circle enclosing a triangle has been recognised through the ages. The symbol has multiple meanings in different societies but will most commonly refer to a perfect union of the mind and the body and be known for warding off evil spirits.

Each pendant comes with an organza bag and a Gold plated chain measuring 18" in length. 

This Citrine pendant measures approximately 4.5cm in length and 3.5cm width. Size and shape of the crystal will vary for this product due to the natural nature of the crystal.


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