Earth Alchemy Oracle : Cards to connect to the wisdom of plants and crystals - by Katie-Jane Wright

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Connect to the magic of the earth. This powerful and beautiful deck is a portal to inner healing, love and connection. Each colourful card is infused with crystals, plants, trees, flowers and the sacred language of light, as intuited by Katie-Jane Wright.

Plants represent growth; flowers, discovery; crystals, depth. Together they hold the keys to help you dive deeper to past lives, unite with the elementals and the energy of inner earth. 50 stunning, unique cards connect you to the magic at your feet.

A detailed guidebook explains the energy of each card and how to work with the deck, including a ceremony for awakening its magic, and information on details threaded through the cards: the hidden golden keys, the elementals and the seven colour rays. Try various recommended spreads to direct your intuition - the Chakra Spread, the Elements of Change Spread or the Earth Dragon Grounding Spread. Mother Earth is calling and it's time to listen.

What messages does she have for you?


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