Stay Grounded Essential Oil Diffuser Pack

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Thcombinatiooproductithipachavbeebroughtogethefor the purpose of Grounding your soul.

This pack includes the following items -

  • 1 x Hematite & Wood Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet 
  • 1 x Cedarwood EssentiaOil 10ml Bottle
  • 1 x Black Obsidian Rough 
  • 1 x Stay Grounded Essential Oil Pack Guide
  • 1 x Organza Bag

Just apply 1-2 drops of your included essential oil to the bracelet and enjoy the scent of the oil all day as the lava stones on the bracelet release the fragrance and enjoy the benefit of your crystal as it enhances your surrounding energy field.

The bracelet is elasticated so one size will fit all.


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