Card Of The Day - The Spirit Animal Oracle - 18th November 2019
Look at the image below and select the card you feel most drawn to to reveal your Spirit Animal. 
The cards used today are The Spirit Animal Oracle Cards

Now you have selected the card you feel most drawn to here is the interpretations.

1. Your Spirit Animal Is The Dolphin
"This & that are true". Two truths co-exist in your life - the story you tell and another as well. The Dolphin represents your past and present, in particular showing you that you have reached the right choice through difficult past decisions. Seeing things in black & white is not always the right thing to do. Release the rigidity & embrace the fluidity

 2. Your Spirit Animal Is The Turkey
"Give with gratitude & grace". The Turkey represents generosity and a celebration of abundance through giving. Give freely, expect very little and you will find the universe will reward you in many different ways. Abundance is yours.

3. Your Spirit Animal Is The Dog
"Be Loyal to what you love". The Dog represents love and commitment regardless of change. Your life and the people in it may change at any given moment, but the Dog stays true and remains loyal throughout. Be more Dog!

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