Card Of The Day - The Crystal Spirits - 7th January 2020
Look at the image below and select the card you feel most drawn to to reveal your Crystal Spirit. 
Pick a card

Now you have selected the card you feel most drawn to here is the interpretations.

Card of the day

1. Your Crystal Spirit Is Lepidolite
Simplify your life by organisation and taking only one task on at a time. The spirit of Lepidolite tells you to slow the pace down, as recently you have been turning your energy in far too many different directions, distracting yourself from the wisdom available to you

2. Your Crystal Spirit Is Malachite
Clarify your thoughts and emotions to come to the right decisions. Overthinking things on your mind can make you jittery, but the spirit of Malachite lets you know that you have the time to apply logic to make sense of your decisions. Consider whats on your mind from all angles, as your reasoning powers are at their peak right now!

3. Your Crystal Spirit Is Carnelian
Embrace your confidence with dignity and self assurance. The spirit of Carnelian tells you to rise above the fray, by using the strength and knowledge that the Universe is lighting the path for you. Feeling unsure is natural as you move away from the familiar, but Carnelian is here to help you grow your confidence when you are uncertain of what step to take next


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