Rhodonite Healing Crystals
  • Gemstone Family - Pyroxenoid 
  • Chakras - Heart (4th)
  • Colour - Pink with mottled black flecks
  • Found in - Spain, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, Brazil
  • Element Associated with - Air
  • Also known as - Rhodon, 'Rose' in Greek
  • Meaning - Forgiveness, Love
  • Birthstone Month - Early Autumn (September/October)
  • Zodiac Sign - None
  • Chemical Composition - MnSiO3
  • Hardness on the Mohs scale -  5.5-6 (1 being softest, 10 being hardest)
  • Physical Healing Properties - Said to assist in healing wounds and alleviate insect bites.  It also helps with stimulating fertility and treating auto-immune and inflammatory problems
  • Emotional Healing Properties - Rhodonite encourages clear communication and is the healing stone for relationships. Excellent at assisting in clearing conflict within relationships
  • Spiritual Properties - With its high vibrations and being linked to the heart chakra it helps the heart to grow bigger and wiser
  • Legend has it that... The Tsar Alexander II had the slab of the grave of his spouse made of rhodonite. It took 16 years to polish to make it and was all polished by hand. It was installed in Saint Petersburg's Cathedral in 1906.

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