Where To Store Your Crystals

Where To Store Your Crystals

It can be tricky when you're first starting your crystal journey to know where and how to store your crystals.

Here are some handy tips:

Keep Your Crystals On You

You can receive your crystals healing properties throughout the day by keeping the crystal on your person - this could be in a bag, a pocket or even in a bra! 

Jewellery is another great way to receive a crystals powers throughout your day. You can tailor the crystal you're wearing for the tasks you have to complete ahead, for example Gold Tigers Eye is a great choice if you need confidence for an interview or an exam. 

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Keep Your Crystals In An Associated Location

For crystals with a specific intention, e.g. a good nights sleep, you can place these in an associated place. So for example, we would recommend keeping your sleep crystals under your pillow for a restful nights sleep!

Another example of this could be keeping crystals used for focus or studying in a pencil case. 

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Keep Your Crystals Cleansed & Charged With Selenite

Storing your crystals in a Selenite bowl is an excellent idea as Selenite is a natural cleanser and charger of other crystals, so you'll know that they're ready for use when you next go to them. It's also super handy for keeping loose tumblestones together in one place! 

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Keep Your Crystals On Display Around Your Home

Another excellent way to store you crystals is by having them on display around your home; this could be on a mantlepiece, windowsill or dressing table. By having them in a place that you pass everyday you are being reminded that they are there, working away to create a healthier energy for your home. Each time you see them sitting there you will be reminded of their powers and this will in turn build your connection with the crystals so that they can work harder for you. 

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