How To Do Your First Oracle Card Reading

Attempting your first reading may seem like a daunting challenge and one for only those that have the deemed 'right' skills. It isn't like this at all. Everyone has some psychic ability - some are stronger than others, and some have just nurtured them more and believed in them, allowing them to grow and become more astute over the years.

Oracle Cards are one of the more simpler types of card decks and psychic tools to use to help you to channel messages and provide accurate readings for yourself and others. 

First you will need a good deck of Oracle Cards to get you started. We have many to choose from on our site, and all are suitable. There are no right or wrong decks it simply comes down to whatever you feel most comfortable using. Quite often the deck you are drawn to on our site will be the deck you that you will work best with - Click here to browse our selection.

It is worth noting that all card decks normally come with a guidebook of some description which can help you as you are learning.  

Once you have your card deck, the first thing to do is ensure you are in a quiet comfortable surrounding. It is best to ground yourself and ask your angels for guidance and protection so that you can channel the energy in to the cards. If you have never used the cards before it is best to clear away any old energy. You can do this by holding the entire deck in your hand and gently tapping the deck with the opposite hand to knock out any old energy or alternatively, slowly wave them through some burning incense or sage smudge. Finally I always run the deck through my hands and span them so that I have touched every card.  At this point it is a good idea to ask your angels for help to carry out the reading.

So now we are ready to read the cards......

Next step - very important to shuffle the cards. All the cards need to have the backs all facing the same way. Don't worry too much if the card pictures are upside down.  At the same time ask the cards a question (or if you are doing a reading for someone else let get them to tell you the question they want answered). Allow any thoughts and feelings to enter in to your head and your angels will tell you when is the right time to stop shuffling.  

You can then take as many or as few cards from the deck as feels right.  All this energy is being channelled through your angels and guides and so if it feels right, or you have been given a message then you're on the right lines. You can either split the deck or take the cards from the top.

Lay each card down in the order it was pulled from the deck (so starting from the left and working through to the right). To read each card look at the picture and words on each card carefully and absorb the message that is being given to you. Remember the cards are a tool to help you understand the message sent by your guides and angels, so are there just to help the message come through and be easier to understand. If you are unsure what the message is ask your angels and guides for the message in a different way or manner.  

Read each card in this manner and you should uncover the answer to the question and any messages that were intended (whether it was a reading for yourself or you were doing the reading for someone else).

And that is all there is to it! 

Remember let the energy flow through you and be open to channelling any message and be confident in what you are being told.

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Top tip: Keep your cards in a velvet pouch with a clear quartz crystal inside to protect your cards from absorbing other energy's whilst you are not using them - you can order clear quartz on our site too - Click here


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