Introduction To Runes

What are Runes?

Runes themselves are words of mystery and decision making.  This comes from historical translations throughout old languages across Northern Europe.  They are symbols that bring about a meaning that can be read and used in divination to produce readings.

Interesting Fact: In 1215 the enactment of the Magna Carter was held at Runnymede - also known as The Meadow Of Runes.

How Do I Cast Runes?

To begin with you must feel in a calm state of mind, so prepare by sitting in a calm environment whilst burning some incense, lighting some candles and ensure that you're grounded.  I ground myself by sitting in a comfortable position and imaging tree roots coming out the end of my legs and feet and sinking in to the ground.  Try and focus your mind on the subject of the reading. 

The next step is to ensure that the energy passes from you to the rune stones, best way to do this is to randomly mix the runestones by passing them from hand to hand at least 3 times, or by swirling the runes around inside a bag using your writing hand 


Then, when you feel ready throw the runes along a line of orientation in one single throw.  Any that land face down shouldn't be counted.  


It is then up to you how many of the runes facing upwards you select from those thrown.  For this blog we will teach you how to do the "Three Norns" spread as it is easy and quick to do.  

Select three runes that are face upwards starting from those nearest to you.  The first rune represents the past actions and should be placed to the left (Norn Urd), the second rune represents the present and should be placed in the middle (Norn Verdandi) and the third rune represents the future, or that which is to become, and should be placed on the right (Skuld).

You can also refer to the three runes selected as 'first state - action - resultant'.  In this interpretation the first rune represents the current state of affairs, the middle rune signifies the action that should be taken, and the third is the likely outcome if the action is taken.  This method may be more applicable for whoever you are conducting the reading for.

The runes are then ready to be read - you can use our basic rune guide to understand what each symbol means (Click Here).  The guide is is an overview of each symbol but as you practice using your runes you will able to expand on the meaning of each of them using your own intuition.  

Top tip: Remember any runes that land inverted should be read as the opposite to the normal meaning 

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