Our 10 Favourite Ways to Combat Stress

So we all have those busy days where you just don’t stop and it feels like the world is spinning you around at 100mph without time to take a breath.  And we also have those days where everything is hard work or a battle and you end up having to expel copious amounts of energy just to be heard or get something simple done.

What then happens, you go home and adrenaline keeps you awake, or thoughts of ‘What If I’d said this….’ Or ‘maybe I shouldn’t have said that..’, Or ‘Did I Finish that…’ Or ‘I did send my boss that info didn’t I?’ keep flying through your head keeping you awake.

To avoid the stress cycle I have compiled you a quick list of the ways I use to best combat stress, I hope you enjoy them and they work for you to….

1. Write all your notes and thoWriting a journalughts in journal and shut it once everything is noted – thus emptying your head of the day allowing your brain to shut the filing cabinet fully once you’re asleep.
The cabinet simply won’t shut if paper is still hanging out (metaphorically speaking that is)

2. Have a bath, allow time to calm down and breath with a good soak (I like using our blend of Himalayan salts mixed with Essential Oils) to get a full soothing effect, and maybe a cheeky glass of wine and good book too.  

bath relax

3. Put your pyjamas on! Sounds silly but I genuinely do feel like my day is over once I’m in my pyjamas.  So the sooner they are on, the sooner I start to unwind and the longer I have to do that, the less that churns in my brain in my sleep. Simples!

4. Ldanceisten to music (and turn it up loud!).  Ok so this sometimes is relaxing tranquil music, but sometimes (and quite often for me) I will put some loud rock or pop on and dance around my bedroom like a nutcase.  This helps me to burn off excess adrenalin that may have come on during the day if it’s been particular stressful.  So getting rid of the excess energy is a must for a good night’s sleep.

5. Write a to do list – dump todays thoughts, they’re done, and concentrate on what your aims are for achieving tomorrow

6. Do something crafty with your hands.  This will take your mind off the day and allow you return to a neutral place.  So I like making my own jewellery from our crystals, but there are other ways e.g. Knitting, cross stitch, gardening, baking, to name a few.

7. Meditate.  Well it is an obvious one!  Grab the incense and crystals, dim the lights and practice some meditation.

8. Walk the dog.  Evidence does suggest people with pets are happier, and going for a walk will help to calm down once the day is done.  If you don’t have a dog, erm…… borrow one, or take the cat?


9. Ditch ttimehe clock.  Don’t be ruled by time, if you feel tired go to bed (even if it is only 7pm), likewise, if you don’t feel tired don’t try to sleep; you will just spend the whole night tossing and turning. Just make sure there is a backup clock to make sure you get up for work in time!

10. Visit your friends and family. Yes, we saved the best til last.
Sometimes getting out, speaking to others, whether if it’s about your bad day, or theirs the change of scene and getting a different view can move your mindset so you feel better.

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