The Four Types of Psychic Powers Explained

When you first develop your psychic abilities you may not know which each of them are or mean.  You may not even realise when you are using some of them and expect them to be more recognisable or different then what they actually are. So here is a quick guide to help you to recognise you psychic skills and powers so that then you can nurture and grow these skills so they improve and work more intuitively for you. 



This means 'clear seeing' and descries the ability to see spirit forms.  These can appear as materialisation's that look incredibly real (as you would see any other normal person in front of you) or can be in the mind's eye like you have your own internal television screen. 

When you receive these psychic visions from your angels and guides they can often come in symbol format and so you have to learn how to interpret the images presented and understand the underlying meaning.  This does leave an element of open interpretation which is why practicing is important.  Also fine tuning the image to recognise when your guides are sending you images is important to.



This means 'clear hearing'.  Some people have the gift of being able to hear spirit and guides voices and other sounds.  Often this can come in the form of an inner voice or sometimes it comes in a more real form whereby the sound is as real as any other sound.  Quite often the sound can be difficult to understand, this is because when spirit communicate they have to lower their vibration resulting in their voices becoming jerky.

When you receive a clairaudient message it can come in different forms.  Whether it be that you can hear someone speaking to you, although there is no one there, or being woken at night to talking, singing, whispering or other sounds.  You should listen carefully to the sounds (ensuring they are not from an earthly source) and after write down what you heard to provide an accurate record so you can allow yourself to interpret the message.



This means 'clear feeling'. This describes the ability to be able to tune in to the feelings in a room and recognise peoples emotions and if they are in distress.  This power is found commonly in healers as they are able to pick up areas of other peoples bodies that are in need of healing.

It is also recognised in mediums when they are able to connect with spirit and connect with their emotions in a way that allows them to learn and detect messages.  For example, a medium maybe be able to know how someone died by detecting sensations or pain located on certain areas of the body. 

Scents are also important in this area to.  Have you ever walked in to a room or area and recognised a distinct smell that you remember to be a perfume/ fragrance or scent connected to someone you knew?  This may be another way in which spirit is trying to connect and show you that they are close.


This means 'clear knowing', and is the lesser known of the four psychic powers.  It describes the ability to know things without being told and have fully formed ideas.  

The term encompasses several of the other 3 traits as the other areas will help you to be able to form a full idea and grow confidence to have certainty in what you know.


Developing and Improving Your Skills


A good way to practice and hone all of your skills is to join a psychic group.  You will meditate together and discuss the journey that you went on in your meditation.  Discussing your visions, feelings, and sounds with others will help you to learn how to interpret what your guides send you, also having the guidance of others with more experience will help you to grow.

You can also do your own meditation, when doing your own meditation ensure you have grounded yourself beforehand (see our spiritual grounding crystal pack here) and also its good to cleanse the room.  You can do this by moving an incense sticks around the room or sage smudge sticks.  Listening to mediation music or having a guided meditation can help, and low lights should be used (see our stock of crystal lamps perfect for this here). If you want to hone your clairaudient skills, then try meditating with a set of disconnected headphones in and listen to the noises inside your head.



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