Blue Apatite Freeform (591g)

Sale price£74.99


A great chance to own a Blue Apatite Freeform weighing 591g and measuring 10.1cm in length, 8.7cm in width and 6.2cm in height.

Apatite is a great crystal for increasing motivation and building up energy, which in turn can aid with weight loss.  It encourages extroversion giving you the confidence to be able to get up and go and do more things.  Blue Apatite is especially good for enhancing group communication and making you feel more at ease in social situations.  It is linked to the throat chakra. 

Each piece in our unique and rare collections are exactly that - either one of a kind or incredibly hard to find. The product pictured is the one you will actually receive, so it's a great opportunity to own a great display item. Each item in the unique and rare collection is sold as seen


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