Positive Energy - Crystal Soap For The Soul

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This amazing Crystal Soap Bar from our Soap For The Soul range, comes infused with the positive powers of the Green Aventurine Healing Crystal and the scent of Cedarwood and Jasmine

Beautifully handmade by us, we have combined the crystal and scent to help bring a powerful burst of postivity into your life each time you use this soap. Aventurine helps to overcome feelings of self doubt, enabling your mind to travel to a positive space, as well as building an inner sense of confidence and optimism.  This paired with the uplifting aroma of the Cedarwood & Jasmine scent, will flood your daily routine with positive vibes and give you an outlook that says "Bring it on"!

Each bar comes beautifully wrapped in wax paper and twine with an ingredient card and weighs approx 100g


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