Card Of The Day - Super Attractor - 7th February 2020

Look at the image below and select the card you feel most drawn to.  The meaning of the card is revealed below simply scroll down.

The card deck used today is Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein

Here are the meanings....

 1. Appreciation
This card tells us that appreciation dissolves all the blocks to the presence of my super attractor power.  The power of appreciation allows us to empathise and allow others love and emotion in.  Which in turn means we can spread more love and joy to enhance our super attractor power.

2. Realign With Love
This card states 'The Universe Powerfully Responds The Instant I Realign With Love'.  Allowing love in to your life means you can become more centred and appreciative which the universe will give back to you.  Love creates more love.

3. Do Less
I can do less and attract more.  This card tells us that sometimes trying to please everyone and everything is not always the right path and leaves us in turmoil where nothing goes right.  Step back and see that sometime doing less can reap much more benefits

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