Card Of The Day - The Wild Offering Oracle - 6th March 2020

Look at the image below and select the card you feel most drawn to to reveal your card reading for the day

The cards used today are The Wild Offering Oracle card deck by Tosha Silver - available to buy here

Once you have picked your card - now you can read the meanings....

1. Perfectionism
'Permission to make mistakes is so freeing.  It's the root of creativity and change.  Allow me, Divine, to make as many mistakes as I need. Free me from the prison of perfectionism'
This card reminds us that we are only human and mistakes do happen - we are not perfect and nor should we feel bad when mistakes are made.  They can often lead to improvements, change and making things better.

2. Relationship
'I call in the infinite power of Love to take over this union in every way. May it now fully belong to the Divine. Let is unfold in the perfect way for each of us. I needn't fear letting go of control; my needs are always abundantly met'.
This card tells us that our we can trust in the divine to lead us the correct way and relationships will come our way and unfold - we do not need to worry or change who we are, instead embrace and trust in ourselves to attract the best people to us.

3. Sanctuary
'A sanctuary resides inside you no matter what is happening. This inner temple beckons you to enter. Take a deep breath, enter, and sit down on the throne of your own heart'.
This card tells us that sanctuary doesn't have to be a physical place but instead exists within us.  We just need to sometimes remember and find that emotional place where we feel most as ease to re-balance and realign ourselves.

We hope you enjoy your reading.

If you want to learn how to read oracle cards for yourself we have written a mini guide you can see here 

The card deck used for this reading can be found here

Rough crystals used in the imagery can be found here

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