How Do I Use My Crystals? - Answered

We often get emails asking how you should use your crystals.

We have made this guide so you have the all the answers you need!

When you get your crystals they may already have been cleansed.  We always say that its best practice to do this again yourself just so any energy that may have been transferred during delivery of your crystal (through the post etc) is removed. 

1. First Cleanse Your Crystals

To cleanse your crystals the best way is to smudge them using a sage stick.  Simply light the sage stick and run the crystals through the smoke or allow the smoke to flow over the crystals.  Why not take a look at our Beginners Sage Smudging Kit which is perfect for cleansing rituals!

There are other ways in which you can cleanse crystals and we have a quick reference guide available to help 

2. Set Your Intent 


Once cleansed then you need to set your intent in the crystal. By this we mean spending sometime to connect with your crystals and ensure that they are working for you with the intent that you are trying to achieve. 

Hold the crystals in your hands, take a few deep breaths so you are happy and relaxed and allow energy to flow through you.  Once you feel settled and content then allow this energy to flow in to the crystal from your hands all the time thinking and picturing what you would like the crystals to help you with.  You are in effect giving them a job to do. 

Once you have done this for a few minutes and feel completely connected with the crystals you can then say Thank-you and your crystals will be all set with your intent.

3. Carry Your Crystal With You

Then its just a case of finding the best place to carry, place or wear your crystals. 

Most people tend to carry their crystals with them - either in pockets, underwear or clothing, or purses/handbags.  This allows you to have crystal energy surrounding you wherever you go during the day.  The closer the crystal is to your body and skin the better.

Jewellery is another great way to have your crystal with you at all times and close to your skin.  We offer a wide range of crystal jewellery that you can connect with - or you can always make your own. It also looks beautiful when worn! 

Click here to see our Crystal Jewellery

4. Display Your Crystals

Some crystal may be too large to do this with though, and some pieces are made to be on display.  For those items that are larger or you want displayed around your home or work we have created a crystal placement guide so you know which crystals work best in certain rooms or positions - see the Crystal Placement Guide here

5. Meditate With Them

You will want to keep your connection with your crystal and also use them to help develop your spiritual skills.  Holding your crystals in your palms whilst mediating has many benefits.  Firstly - it will encourage you to meditate more meaning that you practice and become attuned to higher energies more frequently.  Secondly - it will allow you to connect with the crystals regularly, enhancing your connection and intention with the crystals.  Thirdly - the crystals will make connecting to the spiritual energy easier as their metaphysical powers will come through and help you.

We have a Beginners Mediation Kit available which has everything you need for meditation - click here to view

6.  Use Them In a Crystal Elixir

Add the crystals to water (or a specially designed crystal elixir bottle) to enhance your energy from within.  The energy of the crystals passes to the water and when you then drink the water you are enhancing from within - much like when ice cubes cool water.

You can see our range of Crystal Elixir Bottles here, and we have also written a guide so you know which crystal can be added directly to water safely too!

I hope you have find this guide useful

Laura x



Thank you. I must admit I am getting more into crystals now – probably because I have more time due to covid-19. Is it true that crystals choose you? I have a few crystals I’ve picked up over the years but I am always drawn to the same one!


Thanks Laura for the detailed guidance on using crystals. It’s very helpful and useful information. Thanks again Amber


I have always been drawn to crystals but have never explored them fully & used them to their full potential. This guide is perfect, thank you x

Alexandra A

Super useful guide! I am a beginner with crystals, I truly feel drawn to them but I didn’t know how to properly handle them. Thank you!

Denise Norris

Thankyou so much. I have quite a few crystals but get confused how to cleanse and put my intention to the crystals. I think this will help me no end thankyou.

Carol Fletcher

Thank you that was very interesting information about the cristels .

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