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Intrigued to know more about the world of Black Moon Cove? We were too! 

Black Moon Cove are a Psychic duo - Raven and Luna, who have been reading Tarot for over forty years collectively. We asked them a few questions that we were desperate to know the answers too and their answers didn't disappoint. Read on to find out what you don't already know about this dynamic duo...

How long have you been reading for?
Luna: We have both been reading Tarot for twenty one years! It feels so long ago when I found myself with my very first pack, which was gifted to me by a friend of the family. It was a traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck and I was just absolutely drawn in by its power and intrigue. Over the years I mostly read that same deck but as time went on other decks have become more popular, especially Oracle cards, so I have branched out and work with any decks I feel drawn to. Raven is also an artist so he is especially drawn to the imagery on the cards and how they represent their meanings. He is also developing his own Oracle deck which I try to sneak a peek at now and again, but I must respect the artist and wait until they are done! If you have never used Tarot cards before and feel a little intimidated, I would always say to take the pressure off yourself. Try not to compare yourself to others and work through connecting with your cards in your own time. Spend time looking through them, taking in the images to see if any of the cards pull you in and how they make you feel. Of course the guide books and suggestions can help, but trust yourself and your own intuition above anything else!

How and when did you first know that you had Psychic abilities?
Raven: I have always been a Medium since as far back as I can remember, at first feeling quite scared at what I was seeing. But in time I have learnt to understand my gift more and find ways to help others with it. Connecting to the spirit realm is a big responsibility and something nobody should take lightly, however we are all able to hone this gift and it can be the most rewarding gift to have. We conduct spiritual house cleansings and we have times where a spirit can come across as dark or sinister when really they are usually just confused and sad. It's a powerful experience to be able to support and care for them just as you would anyone feeling that way, to be able to help them heal and move on.
Luna: I feel that I am more of a Psychic Sensitive in regards to working with spirits as I have a deep knowing and feeling when we read for those who have passed, but I don’t get the seeing and hearing as clearly as Raven. My role is often to ground him throughout our Mediumship sessions and his insight often astonishes me! As for being a Psychic reader, I think we've both always known that we see things beyond what's just in front of us. Prophetic dreams have always been a big thing for me and also knowing when someone isn’t being truthful or is hiding their real feelings.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to explore their Psychic abilities but doesn’t know where to start?
Luna: The main Chakra associated with Psychic abilities is the Third Eye, so working on balancing this space in your energy body is a great first move. This Chakra is placed at the middle of your forehead (just like a third eye!) and when balanced it means that your intuition and Psychic senses are at their strongest. You can work on this area by playing brain training games or giving yourself little guessing games, such as grabbing a deck of cards and predicting which is at the top before turning it over. It's also important to work on why your Third Eye may be unbalanced to start with, as this will help you heal from and tackle any inner issues that may be connected to your ability to trust. The Third Eye can become blocked or unbalanced if you have suffered emotional or mental abuse, manipulation, have been controlled or experienced academic humiliation or difficulty. This is all very heavy healing work so it's not to be taken lightly. However if you work on shifting those blocks whilst also doing what you can to balance the area, you'll really open up that Third Eye and therefore be able to access your Psychic skills much easier!
Raven: You may want to work with your Crown Chakra at the top of your head as well, as this is the connection point between you and the spiritual realm. Meditating and mindful activities help you to stop and listen when we often have such busy lives, allowing messages to come through and you to receive them without distraction.

What would you be doing if you weren’t Psychic readers?
Luna: Well my background is in education and working with vulnerable teenagers, so that’s what I would still be doing! I had just finished my degree with first class honours and up to that point had been working in informal education for young people for thirteen years, but I gave it all up to pursue a career as a Spiritual healer and teacher. It felt like a bold move at the time but so much from that part of my background brings value to what I'm doing now. We have worked very hard for a long while to build up our business and create a solid foundation, and I am so proud of us for where we are now - I wouldn’t change a thing!
Raven: I had spent around fifteen years working in my own retail business, that sold fair trade and eco-friendly items, and along with Luna decided to take the plunge to pursue our dream! I’m not sure I would still be doing that job, more likely I would be a full-time writer and artist. I do get to use my creativity a lot in this job though, so it's the best of both worlds.

What’s the funniest thing to have happened during a reading?
Luna: We both got a serious case of the giggles when a spirit came through in a Mediumship reading once, because as Psychics and Empaths we often pick up and are influenced by the energy of the person coming through. That particular time we had to pause the reading because we were laughing so hard with the spirit making jokes and being silly! Another time it was when I was running my own business many years ago as a Tarot reader and I was doing an in-person session where whilst I was explaining what was coming through, the client spat her drink out all over me in shock of the accuracy of what I was saying. Luckily the tea wasn’t too hot as I had a face full!
Raven: I often find it funny when I hear spirits singing a song, especially if it seems like a random or even funny song and I have to try to sing it back to a client to see if it resonates with them. I must keep practicing my singing voice for these moments.

What don’t we know about Black Moon Cove?
Luna: We are a married couple and High Priest and Priestess Pagan Witches. We have a teenage son and a teeny tiny dog called Alfred! I am also a qualified Yoga teacher, Reiki Master and Past Life regression therapist. My main Spirit guide is the Goddess Freya and Raven’s is the God Odin – which always felt pretty well matched since they are the Norse Divine Masculine and Feminine.
Raven: Some may be interested to know that at the start of this business we were actually living in a motorhome, travelling around the UK! We have our feet firmly planted for now but are itching to get out there again.

Black Moon Cove offer three types of audio readings, you can find their services here

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