10 Facts About Healing Crystals You Didn't Know
Some interesting facts about crystals you may not have known........

1. Crystals are formed when liquid cools and becomes a solid. The particles form a stable and uniform pattern that is repeated to provide a larger crystal shape.

2. Snowflakes are a form of crystals – these are water that has cooled to become a solid, and also have a uniform pattern. They are ice crystals.

3. The vibrations from crystals cause a frequency wave. This is why some crystals call to you, as they have the same frequency and so are ‘tuned in’ to you.

4. There has been evidence found that shows the Ancient Egyptians also used crystals for healing, dating as far back as 3000 BC. If its good enough for that clever bunch (after all they build the Pyramids) then its good enough for us!

5. Mexico holds a cave where some of the largest crystals ever found exist. This is a huge cave full of Selenite, with the largest crystal weighing approximately 55tons! Wowzers

6. You may be sitting in a gypsum cave right now (your house). In other words, Gypsum is used to make plasterboard which is abundant in homes and offices. It is now also widely used to make technology equipment too!

7. Quartz makes up 12% of the Earth’s crust.

8. Throughout history crystals have been used/worn by warriors to protect them in the field of battle.

9. Crystals can break when the energy’s around it change and the vibrations can therefore cause it to break. The pieces can still be used but must be cleansed and allowed time to realign to their new vibrational structure.

10. Some crystals have small triangles pointing upwards etched on them – these are known as Record Keepers and are believed to hold data and wisdom.


Mo Giles

Excellent guide , My granddaughter is just starting her collection and I am finding these guides really help her . The information is spot on and my son is a plasterer and I know he has Gypsum in his mix xx


Haha to number 6! 🤣

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